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Not For Sale. 
Example of 10 wk old pup
  • Origin: Mexico, Vermin hunters, companions

  • Temperment:  Being the smallest breed of dog, they can be timid and intensely devoted to one person if not socialized early. Great watch dogs. Affectionate with Owners. Smart & Easily Trained.  A Very Popular Breed. We recommend a larger size pup with a family situation.

  • Living Environment: Inside Only. Cannot tolerate Cold Temperatures.

  • UpKeep: Brushing twice a week

  • LifeSpan: 14-18years

  • Appearance:  Height:  6-9inch. Weight:  Typically Under 6lbs, Occasionally Some can be larger.

  • Coat/Color:  Smooth with Soft glossy hair, Or long with straight hair. Colors: Variety Ranging from Tans, Black, Cream, White, Blue, Gold, Brown & Any Combination of these.

  • Health & Care: No Major Health Concerns. Soft Spot On Scull is a Common Breed Trait.


For More Info & To Schedule an Appointment Call (865) 216-5770

We Currently Have  Available Pups!
Price: $1000

A Hold can be placed on a puppy with a $200 non-refundable deposit. This will be applied to the final purchase price of your puppy.

*Tax not included with pricing
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