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History of The Sexton Family Farm...


By Julia Sexton

In 1991 I realized a childhood dream with the establishment of THE SEXTON FAMILY FARM. I purchased sheep, ducks and chickens. I quickly found out that DOGS were needed for the kids’ pets, (Jack Russell Terriers, (Simon, Kerry and Kelly) and to work protecting the livestock, (Great Pyrenees, Molly and Silas). In 1995 we added Rat Terriers (Max, lived to 17, and Tillie, lived to 16) for vermin control and as pets. Naturally they had an occasional litter of pups. This was VERY exciting. I NEVER had a dog as a child. My love of our dogs was growing but my focus was still on the livestock. In 1998 after a conversation about breeding dogs with Dr. Sterling I decided to raise Chihuahuas. I purchased Millie and Buffy. In 2000 I purchased my first male Chihuahua, Perkins. I delivered my first litter in 2002 in my laundry room. I was terrified. I HAD to learn more and provide a better environment if I was going to go forward with breeding dogs. I was an avid learner. My Vet was a great teacher. In 2001 my first kennel building was built. It was designed specifically for my dogs to have a safe, easily maintained facility. They have doggy doors allowing them to go outside while the inside is conditioned for their comfort. A watering system provides clean water and auto feeders for food. It houses only adults. I was still keeping pups at my house and customers were milling in my living room. I was not satisfied with a make shift facility. In 2006 my NURSERY KENNEL was built. It has in and out runs for the adults. I have pens built specifically for whelping/crate training for the Moms and their PUPS. I have a dishwasher, bathroom,greeting areas, washer, dryer and refrigerator all under one roof. IT IS GREAT for the dogs, my clients, and the staff. It meets the needs of a well managed, healthy environment. In 2010 the TN Dept of Health created a Division of Animal Welfare. I was the 2nd licensed. I hope this license and the Sevier County Business license continues to demonstrate my desire to be a reputable and responsible breeder. My clients appreciate these credentials. All AKC and state inspections have been in compliance. I never expected to be a DOG BREEDER. My love and passion for dogs grew over the years. I listened to what people wanted and continued to become involved with various breeds. I drove from Ohio to Miss looking for nice quality breeding dogs. I was attracted to long and short haired dogs. I felt the hypoallergenic ones were great too. Ultimately I learned to groom after the kennel numbers increased. I have a wonderful staff of friends and family that are just as passionate about the care and love of these Parents and Puppies as I am. They help with many aspects of our daily operation. My standards are TOO high to rely on myself alone. They are all pet owners, parents and responsible, smart young adults. What a wonderful combination! Raising a variety of breeds allows us to offer what a breeder of one cannot. We know our fur babies, their breed tendencies, their grooming and exercise needs. They may all be called DOGS but they all are very DIFFERENT. We love helping families select their next family member carefully and increase their chances of getting JUST THE RIGHT PET. We spend most of our time socializing, and giving TLC to our parents and their pups. We live here on the farm so we are able to give 24/7 attention and care to our babies compared to most pet breeders. We want our customers Happy & Satisfied with us and their choice of puppy. We want our pups placed in the BEST homes. We reserve the right to refuse anyone a puppy for any reason or cancel a deposit if we find you are not the BEST choice for our pups. We spend a great deal of time listening to our customers needs, work schedules, health issues, prior dog experiences, housing and family situations, etc. We feel when a decision is made it is done wisely and responsibly. We provide shot records, warranty, grooming tips, nutritional supplements, vitamins, blankets, toys, food samples, and many handouts to educate our customers on new puppy care and training.  Many of our pups are sold by referrals from clients, vets and groomers.  We encourage you to take a look around and contact us with your Questions!

CALL OR TXT (865)216-5770


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